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black book


Israel is plagued with the talent of brainwashing any and all that come in contact with it. They brainwash their youth to protect and serve. They brainwash their blood abroad to come and make aliyah. They brainwash me to love and adore every aspect of them I've come to known. They've brainwashed my friends into thinking I'm brainwashed and only and entirely devoted to them and only them. They've brainwashed all that don't know into thinking they have the ability and willingness to brainwash any poor soul they can get their hands on. 

What brainwashing no one talks about is their inability to brainwash for peace. They don't talk about the babes and bombs erupting from rockets. They don't talk about the shelters and the folks lucky enough to have one in their own homes. They don't talk about the ongoing, pestering hate, or their gratefulness to have a plot of land they can finally call their own. They don't talk about a lot.

But, then all over, a lot of people don't talk and don't find out about things they don't know about because for a lot of people education exists solely between school walls and once that end of day bell rings and the graduation ceremony calls their names, they're done. They're gone, and whatever part of their brains that may have been turned on is gone now too. And they rant, and shit, and blame, and laugh at all who run to safety, who run to a holier, better life, a happier, beachier one and call them brainwashed. Meanwhile, they haven't a clue what true brotherhood really means. 

Micaela Silberstein