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black book

today in havana

Today I’m sitting on a street in Havana.  A pretty girl in a long yellow sundress walked by, her dress bottom spinning in the wind. Her browned ankles dancing over the cobblestones. A live band is playing a couple doors down, but you can hear it from blocks over. There are musicians on nearly every corner. But that’s anywhere you’re not from., you just have to remember to hear and find the music. There are humans everywhere, we are everywhere. This is our land.

Tomorrow I fly to Berlin in a friend’s jet fighter. Talk about a direct flight and no security lines. This is the life. He’s routed the route and says he’s done it a million times before. I’ll be his co-captain, but since he’s done the route alone before, a million times, as he says, I’m not really nervous. He said if I really wanted, I could even take a Klonopin or a tab to sit back and really enjoy the flight. We’ll see how I feel after breakfast tomorrow. Imagine that though, watching sunset after sunset, tripping out, as if the stuff doesn’t make you think about space and time already. We stocked up on chocolates for ourselves, friends and family.

I lost my pinky ring in the sand on the Coney island beach. It was sterling silver with a flat green stone across it. The band was very thick and I liked how tough it made me look. It completed the 5 silver rings on my left hand and I thought it made my hand glow a bit – I mean all of them together. Especially now that I’m tanned from the middle east sun.

Micaela Silberstein