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black book

my brother's girlfriend

My brother’s got a girlfriend and they’re in love. My brother has had a few girls before this southern juniper, but besides one second grade minx that caught his first grade eye, the rest were all pleasantries and jealousy and unhealthy.

This one though, this one is a wide eyed, kind, quick jab to the truth. She, unlike most, is not afraid to admit what she does not know. She, unlike most, realizes that by doing so she will advance and advance and plant roots where others can’t see grass or ground.  

My brother’s girlfriend has an iconic look and an iconic name, but she doesn’t flaunt it or wave it around in your face; because she, unlike most, understands she doesn’t need to waste time on such artificial nonsensical “niceties.” She’s shy, vulnerable, clandestinely competitive and tougher than nails hammered into a baseball bat. She’s wiser than most her age and older, and still she doesn’t even know how pure and rare she is.

I don’t know much about where she grew up besides it being tiny in comparison to where my brother and I grew up, and that it hosts some great sluggers, but I get the sense that she’s been accidentally smothered, unwittingly holding off on unfolding.

My brother is so god damn smitten by her that when he told me he’s “completely fucking in love with her” and my response was one of those girly squeals, quickly tightened with an apology, he gushed and assured me that it totally deserves an "aww.” My brother is so god damn completely in love with her that he asked to use a postcard from my collection and tried out at least fifteen different pens, assessing their colors and textures to find the perfect ink. My brother is so head over fucking heels for this little lass that when he finished the card, which took up the whole two pages and the backside, he held it up for me, just far enough away so I couldn’t get a glimpse at the content, and asked me if it was legible. I told him I couldn’t see it, but I’m sure she’d get through it. He sent it off with a kiss and my brother’s girlfriend read it over and over and alone and again with her mom and sister. How wax seals.

My brother’s girlfriend got the nice china and the vacation invite. She celebrated my quarter century sunrise birthday and has the same taste in booze as me. She’s a bright bulb and a wonderful companion and her eyes remind me of Salinger’s Esme. Her’s are green green, faded, like foggy early morning mysteries and my brother’s are blue blue speckled and quenching. I can see their eyes melting together like a terrific lagoon and I hope they sail away to one, not too far away, soon. 

Micaela Silberstein